If there's an animal in danger the Rescue Princesses will be there, ready to stage a daring rescue! With their ninja skills and magic jewels, they're Princesses on a mission.

There are 15 books in the series - see below.

Cover illustrations by Sharon Tancredi.


Princess Emily is excited about her first Grand Ball, but she’d rather be on the zip wire in the castle grounds than trying on dresses. Her three friends feel the same, so they slip out after dinner.

A zip wire in the dark is excellent fun! But things take a serious turn when the girls find a trapped deer in the forest. Who would do such an awful thing, and why?


Its summer and the princesses are staying on the beautiful island of Ampali. Clarabel discovers a wounded dolphin and promises to look after him. He shows her a beautiful pearl lying forgotten on the bottom of the lagoon.

When the dolphin gets lost at sea in a storm, the Princesses will need all their strength and bravery to rescue him.


Princess Lulu is finding royal life very troublesome. Her mum wants her to behave like a proper princess, and now annoying Prince Olaf has come to stay. Lulu decides to escape into the Undala plains and visit the baby lion cubs who live there.


The Rescue Princesses are having such fun staying with Jaminta! The Kingdom of Onica is amazing, with its Cloud Mountain and the tiny baby panda who lives there…

But thieves are at work on the mountain and the panda cub is in danger!


The Rescue Princesses are sledging through the beautiful snow of Northernland when they meet Princess Freya. She would love to join them but her father, King Eric, thinks sledging is too dangerous for a proper princesses. Freya longs to prove him wrong, and impress her new friends too!


Princess Lottie and her three friends are the new Rescue Princesses! And they’re set for their first adventure…

A beautiful foal has mysteriously disappeared from the palace stables. The girls have a plan of action, but Lottie is worried. What if they’re not brave enough? Or can’t keep a secret?


Princess Isabella loves her rainforest kingdom and its amazing creatures. So she’s very worried when treasure hunters start digging up the forest and scaring all the animals…

A baby monkey becomes trapped and Isabella will need all her bravery to save it. Thank goodness she has the other Rescue Princesses to help her…


Princess Amina is so pleased her friends are coming to her cousin’s wedding. But when a wounded tiger is found in the hills, the girls know her small cubs will be in terrible danger.The Rescue Princesses must find them, royal wedding or no royal wedding…


Rosalind and the other princesses are in the Kingdom of Taldonia for the Autumn Ball.

They love playing with a little puppy called Patch. But when thieves snatch him up and hide him, the Rescue Princesses must spring into action!


Princess Maya welcome the Rescue Princesses to the kingdom of Lepari. It's a beautiful land with snow leopards living in the mountains.These amazing animals are very rare so when Maya discovers they're in danger, she and her new friends have to act fast.



Princess Summer can't wait for her friends to visit Mirrania. She knows they'll love the little koala who lives in the bush. But when the cub becomes ill the princesses must find him a cure even if it means braving a storm in the middle of the night!


Princess Ella is pretty nervous about starting school but then she meets some lovely Rescue Princesses and even gets a new pet rabbit called Daisy! But things take a troubling turn when Daisy goes missing and Ella's ninja moves come in very handy.


Princess Scarlett has always longed for adventure. When two princesses come to stay at Bearbrook Castle, she takes her new friends to a secret island in the river to meet a special otter family. When a speeding boat injures a fluffy baby otter, the princesses must reunite him with his family. They'll need to learn some brilliant new ninja moves, and even solve a mystery!


When Princess Lily and her friends find an abandoned baby kangaroo, they must look after the tiny joey and work out who is ruining the palace gardens at night. To solve this mystery the princesses will need a magic jewel, ninja skills, and the special power that comes from true friendship!


Princess Zina is delighted to welcome her friends to the Kingdom of Ramova to see the Carnival with its colourful floats and costumes and dancing! But when she takes Lily and Scarlett into the rainforest to see the wonderful wildlife, she discovers the lemurs are in danger.

The Rescue Princesses must work together to save the trees that provide these special animals with food and shelter.


Rescue Princesses books in order:

The Secret Promise
The Wishing Pearl
The Moonlight Mystery
The Stolen Crystals
The Snow Jewel
The Magic Rings
The Lost Gold
The Shimmering Stone
The Silver Locket
The Ice Diamond
The Golden Shell

The Enchanted Ruby

The Star Bracelet

The Amber Necklace


Animals in Danger is a mash up of the 1st, 3rd and 4th books in the series.

Cover illustrations by Sharon Tancredi