Illustrations by Renée Kurilla
Illustrations by Renée Kurilla



Robyn Silver is the often-ignored middle child in a big family. Her life is very ordinary until she begins to see creepy creatures around her town - creatures that are invisible to everyone else.


When her school is forced to decamp to mysterious Grimdean House and she meets its equally mysterious owner, Mr Cryptorum, Robyn finds herself catapulted headfirst into an extraordinary adventure - with more excitement than she could possibly have imagined. Be careful what you wish for...

Robyn Silver: The Midnight Chimes was published this autumn! Here are some quotes from reviews of the book:


"Paula has an enviable talent in telling a non-stop action adventure, and quickly portrays the world Robyn is living in. With the strange creatures and mysterious events, I think this book would appeal to fans of Harry Potter andThe Spiderwick Chronicles." - @hellopipski's blog


"I enjoyed the book a lot and found it difficult to leave. After finishing the final page, I instantly wanted a sequel." - Wonderfully Bookish


"it was one of those books that just makes you wish you were a child again" - Heather Reviews


"it’s a wonderful tale stuffed full of monsters and adventure which will hold you in its grip from the moment you turn the first page" - Book Lover Jo


"If you'd like to learn how to fight vampires using garlic butter and a baguette then this is the book for you. The Midnight Chimes is the first book in a brand new series and I for one cannot wait to plunge into more adventures with the Bat Club and hopefully see more of the stunning illustrations by Renee Kurilla." - The Bookish Outsider


Cover illustration by Renée Kurilla
Cover illustration by Renée Kurilla



The boldest, brightest new heroine is back: and Robyn Silver's life hasn't got any quieter since defeating the evil vampire Pearl in The Midnight Chimes. She's now a fully fledged Chime Child and monster-hunter-in-training alongside best friends Aiden and Nora.


The three suddenly start seeing nightmares - in the form of black beetles - appear around town. Who wants the people of Wendleton to be losing sleep - and why?