Kitty's Midnight Adventures

Kitty is a superhero in training! She loves having cat-like superpowers and going on adventures with her cat crew in the moonlight.

Illustrations are by Jenny Løvlie.


Kitty loves practising her super powers but she's nervous of going out in the dark. When Figaro, a black-and-white cat knocks on her window and asks for help, Kitty know this is her chance to have her very first night time adventure.

But there's a very strange noise coming from the clock tower. Can Kitty find out what's going on and help her new cat friends?




Kitty discovers that being a superhero is about more than using her special abilities - she must learn to outwit cunning villains too. Who has stolen the precious Golden Tiger Statue? Can Kitty return it to the museum before sunrise?



Kitty and her feline friends Pumpkin and Pixie discover a secret sky garden on a city rooftop. The garden is beautiful, and the flowers are delicate and colourful. But when Pixie tells other cats about the magical place, the secret is out, and the garden is in danger of being destroyed! Will Kitty save the day and rescue the garden before it's too late?


Kitty has a friend to stay for a sleepover in her brand new tree house. But they're woken in the night when news comes that there's trouble in the city. Kitty must race over the rooftops with her new friend, Ozzy, to solve the mystery at the bakery. Can she find the creature that has left a trail of destruction everywhere?




Kitty and her classmates are taking part in a lantern parade through the city. The glittering fairy lights and glowing lanterns look so pretty in the darkness, and there a huge full moon in the night sky. But there's a dastardly thief sneaking through the crowds and stealing anything that sparkles. It's a race against the clock, can Kitty catch the thief and return the stolen items before the lantern parade ends?


Kitty is excited about visiting the funfair with her cat crew. But Pixie has made a new friend and doesn't want to play with Kitty anymore. She wants to play superheroes with Hazel instead. The problem is, Pixie and Hazel aren't acting like superheroes, they are acting like supervillains! Before long they both find themselves in trouble at the top of the Big Wheel, and only a true hero like Kitty can save the day . . .



Coming in May 2021...